February Bee Block Round Up

I needed to get my February Bee Blocks done early in the month because I found out that I was be moving. Again! But is time across the country! And with three weeks notice! I will probably devote a whole post to that topic so for now I will show you the blocks I didContinue reading “February Bee Block Round Up”

August Bee Blocks

Woo wee. Life gets busy. I just have a dog, a cat, and a job. I don\’t even have kids, don\’t think I have time for those. 🙂 I will be working on getting caught up here and showing you what I have been working on the past several months. For starters, here are myContinue reading “August Bee Blocks”

Bee Block Syndrome

Man o\’ man. I am getting back on track with bee blocks. Getting them done super early. Go me! Now I just need to mail them when I finish them until waiting until the end of the month. Gosh. That post office run is not as fun as making bee blocks.. I\’m working on it.Continue reading “Bee Block Syndrome”

April Bee Blocks

Whew. My life is finally normal again. The move is over, the trips are over, and finally I can get back in the swing of things. I was a little worried about getting my bee blocks done over the past couple of months just because of all of the interruptions in my normal life. ButContinue reading “April Bee Blocks”

May Bee Blocks

I finished my bee blocks very early this month and only had one to finish up by the 15th! Super proud of myself! I definitely think as my bees finish I\’m going to start phasing out of them just because I don\’t have time to work on projects that I want to do because IContinue reading “May Bee Blocks”

December 2012 Bee Blocks

This was the last month in my BeeJeebers Bee that I have loved so much!!! Luckily, several of us are coming together again and doing another year so I will get to see the wonderful work of these ladies continue. That being said, here is my final block for BeeJeebers 2012. She asked for aContinue reading “December 2012 Bee Blocks”

What I\’m Working On.

I have gotten a really strong start to October and the commitments I have this month! I am in several swaps, all of which I am very excited about. It is so cool to see what people can create and to see people do things for other people that they wouldn\’t do in a millionContinue reading “What I\’m Working On.”

Bee Blocks Complete!

Bee Blocks for September are complete! My weekends are super busy this month so I sat down and knocked them all out early this month. Here is a run down of the crew, some of them you\’ve already seen, since I am queen bee for two of them! My Favorite one this month: Beejeebers HARMONY.Continue reading “Bee Blocks Complete!”

August Bee Blocks

I got my August Bee Blocks knocked out really early this month. My boyfriend was out of town all week so that freed up some time to get them done early. Here they are. My favorite one was the BeeJeebers block. The polaroid blocks are so cute! I love all the ones that the groupContinue reading “August Bee Blocks”