Colby Cartledge

Quilt Maker, Mender, and Handwork Lover


Fabric is in my blood. I grew up as a single child of a single mother who was a seamstress by trade and taught me the love of fabric. My grandmother who also lived with us, taught me my love of handwork. She was an amazing embroidery artist and had a needle in my hand by the age of 5.

I started making quilts at age 9 for 4-H competitions and made one every year until I went to undergrad. I resumed my practice after graduating and have been making quilts as fast as I could buy the supplies ever since.

I currently describe my work in the style of Modern Traditionalism, a mix of modern quilting principles tied back to the roots of our craft.

Originally from Texas, I relocated to Minneapolis, MN in 2013 where I currently reside with my wife Katie, and our herd of many animals.


Colby is available for side collaborations lectures, and classes to groups or individuals in person or online. If you want to chat about quilting, design, process, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out directly at cslowrey@gmail.com.

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