Some More Bee Blocks

I am almost done with my bee blocks for the month and it\’s only the 4th of October! I knocked out another 2 yesterday and today. Here is my second block for the Stash Bee.

Stash Bee Block 2 - October 2012

And here is my block for BeeJeebers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ticker tape. So much. I made a really cool ticker tape mini for the Mini QT swap earlier this year and I have been meaning to make something for myself with this method. I just love the way it looks!

BeeJeebers Block - October 2012

My last 2 bee blocks are iSpy blocks. I have a shortage of novelty prints so I\’ll see what I can pull out of my stash. I need 18 little pictures… Might have some repeats. For some reason I have never gotten into novelty prints. Maybe it\’s because I don\’t have kids, I dunno. Anyways I am short some iSpy pictures so I might have to run to a local fabric store and grab some fat quarters.

Orrrr…. I could draw some pictures.. No, that would be horrendous. I\’d feel bad for the kid that would have to look at those. I\’ll figure something out. Until then, happy sewing and quilting!


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