May Bee Blocks

I had some cool Bee Blocks on my plate for May. Here\’s a sampling of what I got to do. I love how bees stretch your mind and skills. Half of these I probably would have never thought of or tried. I love it! Sew Bee Joyful BeeJeebers Stash Bee We Bee Modern Too Harmony.Continue reading “May Bee Blocks”

My Weekly Works in Progress

I have made major progress on my Chain Link. I know, I\’ve been working on this one forever! I am determined to finish the top for my guild meeting on Monday and I\’m in the home stretch! I finished all of my blocks and trimmed them. This is a step I used to step butContinue reading “My Weekly Works in Progress”

Sunni\’s Tree – Stash Bee

So after trials and tribulations this is what I have come up with for Sunni\’s Block. I think I might add some handstitching but this is the base of it. I wanted to do something a little offset and modern. I really like the way it turned out. I\’m going to head downstairs and addContinue reading “Sunni\’s Tree – Stash Bee”