Bee Block Progress

Finished the hand stitching on Sunni\’s block:

I wanted to add some hand detail so I stitched around the trunk and tree and then put I ❤ SB for Stash Bee but then when I went to mail it today I realized Sunnis last name also starts with a B! What a coincidence! Meant to bee, (get it?) I also did a siggy block for Sunni:

I also included some scraps with the package to incorporate into the quilt. So I mailed that on off but I also mailed off all of my 3×6 Bee blocks today!! I should also be receiving some in the mail soon as well. Everyone else is starting to get some but I haven\’t gotten any yet.. :\'( Bees left to do: – Beejeebers (wonky house or tree) – Name Game Swap (partners noot received yet) – 4×5 bee (hives not assigned yet) Linking up to Kristen at Sew Happy to Sew for Take Your Time Tuesdays!

5 thoughts on “Bee Block Progress

  1. Your hand stitching looks fabulous. Great job getting all those bee blocks mailed out! It sounds like you'll be reeeeeally busy with all the other ones. :}


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