Finish It Up Friday

I\’ve been doing some embroidery work lately. I really enjoy how well embroidery projects travel and how quick they are to work on and put away to fill that time throughout the day that would be wasted otherwise. I started a set of owls a couple of months ago and just recently picked them back up again.

This was my first one:

I then added another..

And then my dogs decided to drag the bag with my hand work and everything in it all over the back yard. I was able to salvage most of it except for the hoop. A few holes in the first piece, but I can do patchwork around the edges and make it work, don\’t you think?

I have finished 2 pieces and started my third today. I think I have 7 total. Might have to do my own design to make it an even number. I\’m trying to decide what to make with them though, any ideas?

I also wanted to feel like I actually did something start to finished so I decided to make a new case for my iPad, using City House Studio\’s iPad Case Tutorial. I used some Michael Miller fabric I bought at the Houston Quilt Festival and am very happy with the way it turned out!

I feel like I might be making a few more as gifts. 😉

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilt\’s Finish it up Friday!

4 thoughts on “Finish It Up Friday

  1. The owl embroidery is darling! Too bad your naughty dog got to it, but I'm sure you can salvage it since the holes are around the edge. I think you could make a wall hanging or a table runner with them. The Ipod case is really nice!


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