August Bee Blocks

Woo wee. Life gets busy. I just have a dog, a cat, and a job. I don\’t even have kids, don\’t think I have time for those. 🙂 I will be working on getting caught up here and showing you what I have been working on the past several months.

For starters, here are my August Bee Blocks.

BeeJeebers: OMG. I love this block. I have been wanting to do these words forever but just have never done it. This is a great bee block. I might have to do this for a bee myself. 🙂

BeeJeebers August 2013 block

Simply Solids: This block was super easy which was really nice for a hectic summer. Classic churn dash, one of my favorite patterns.

Simply Solids August 2013 Block

Stash Bee: Final block for stash bee. Thank goodness. No offense to anyone in that bee but this bee was two years long, and lots of people dropped out and it was just tiring. Done. With an X+ block. I have seen lots of these on swaps but never done one myself. Like this bright color scheme.

Stash Bee August 2013 Block

For do. good. stitches. it was my month and I asked for wonky churn dash blocks, you will see the finished product in a later post. 😉 It is nice to have the bees whittling down now. I think I will only keep two, BeeJeebers and do. good. stitches. I need to get more of my stuff done and with a busy life sometimes I only have time to do bee stuff so time to \”bee\” picky about the ones I\’m in. Haha, get it?


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