Modern She Made Pillow

Long time no post! I\’m in the middle of moving so I\’m trying to make sure everything gets done early so that I\’m not running behind on swaps or bees with two weeks of downtime! This is an old swap project that I just haven\’t posted about yet. For the latest Modern She Made SwapContinue reading “Modern She Made Pillow”

Very little progress.

Between apartment hunting and getting a new puppy I have had very little time to sew in the past week or two. But I did manage to finish the fronts of my Potholder\’s for the Potholder Pass. The inspiration board I got was traditional and she wants to put it under a teal teapot. IContinue reading “Very little progress.”

Almost Done With My Name Game

So this weekend I have solely worked on my Name Game Mini. I was having trouble coming up with the initial idea, but once I made by ruler dresdens the rest came naturally. My partner has more of a traditional style and like applique, hence the dresdens. I wanted to make it bright but notContinue reading “Almost Done With My Name Game”

I Tried Something New.

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I have made quilts, bags, pouches, I embroider, knit, etc… BUT I had NEVER made a pillow until the other day. Shocking. Usually that\’s one of the first things someone does but I don\’t know, I\’ve just never gotten around to it. The motivationContinue reading “I Tried Something New.”