Tiffany\’s Pouch

My current partner at work requested a make up bag. I asked her what colors she wanted and she said black and white, I asked if she wanted any accent colors and she said no, just black and white. Okay, easy enough, I can do that.

I knew I wanted to use a cute polka dot that I recently got but once I got that and the lining cut out I was stumped on what to do on the outside to make it “cool.” I did some straight line quilting, it looked okay but nothing that was awe-inspiring. I decided to make it boxy, give it some depth, it was better, but still no umph. I decided to cut out a large “t” from white and raw edge appliqué it to the front of the bag.

Tiffany\'s Bag

I like how it turned out, I don’t love it but it’s better than just a plain bag. I have still tried to figure out what else I could have done to make it cooler. I have no idea, I guess I just ran out of creative juice that night, or maybe black and white are not my colors. No clue. The good thing is that she loved it and it’s being used. Hopefully she really did and she wasn’t just being nice…


5 thoughts on “Tiffany\’s Pouch

  1. I think black and white with no accent colours is a tough assignment, and you did a great job. Your pouch looks really clean and crisp. I probably would have ignored instructions and added a tiny pop of colour somewhere, but I think you did well sticking to her request.


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