Mushroom Swap Pouch

I haven’t made a pouch in a long while. I am part of the Modern She Made Swap and had figured out what I was going to make as the main swap item and I was pretty sure I wanted to make a pouch for the small item. I was trying to figure out what style to go with. I wanted it to be different from the main item. I scanned through my partner’s favorites and found several photos of items that had birds or mushrooms in them. I looked at the fabric I had brought with me to the quilting retreat and spotted a red and white dot that would be perfect for mushroom caps. So mushroom caps I made.

Red Dot Fabric

I started off by cutting out the three caps, then the three stems. I used a small square of fusible web to attach each piece to the front panel of the pouch to keep it in place while I sewed. I decided to do raw edge appliqué, doing it FMQ style rather than super careful and perfect. I have really liked the way that has looked on several projects I have seen around.

Modern She Made Pouch

I really like the way they turned out! The FMQ appliqué adds a touch of whimsy I think. I decided to do it in black so it would stand out and also pull in the black from the zipper. I FMQ’ed her name on the back of the pouch, but I can’t show you that because if she happened to see it, it would spoil the surprise!


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