Doll Quilt Swap 13

I finished my Doll Quilt Swap mini this past weekend. I wanted to do something fun and whimsical and my partner liked bright and cheerful colors. I also challenged myself to not cut into any folded fabric, to work completely from my scrap bags, because probably like you, mine are always overflowing! I started withContinue reading “Doll Quilt Swap 13”

Sew Sew Modern Mini

I moved in January and traveled a lot in January and I was scared that I was going to have a time crunch on my Sew Sew Modern piece, but luckily I didn\’t. The partner that was selected for me, I had already had before in a previous swap so I knew her style, colorContinue reading “Sew Sew Modern Mini”

I\’ve Been a Bad Girl.

I made a new friend this week, she thinks she\’s all that and a bag of chips. I mean she is beautiful and has some crazy talents so I pretty much agree with her. I\’ve been hanging out with her and even though she\’s a bad a**, I think I\’m going to keep her around.Continue reading “I\’ve Been a Bad Girl.”

My Boston Streets

For my LQG we have a vintage pattern challenge this month. We have to use a vintage pattern to make something new. I already had made a quilt top from Link to the 30\’s, my Chain Link, but I wanted to make something special for this challenge. I was looking through some vintage quilt blocksContinue reading “My Boston Streets”

James\’ Baby Quilt

One of my coworkers was having a baby girl so I was super excited to make a baby quilt. I really enjoy baby quilts because they come together so quickly and the quilt so easily, no bulk to fight with. I was originally going to do a log cabin with pink, blue, white, and green,Continue reading “James\’ Baby Quilt”

Two Almost Finished Quilts

I have jumped head first into machine quilting and I turned out 2 quilts in a matter of less than 2 hours! The Sparkle Punch baby quilt I did in the same FMQ design I used for Laura\’s Wedding Quilt. I love the whimsy it adds! The second one I tried a new design, organicContinue reading “Two Almost Finished Quilts”

My First FMQ!!!

So I have tested my FMQ skills on lots of test sandwiches and even have completed about half of a queen sized donation quilt, but I have never trusted myself enough to actually FMQ a quilt that I truly love. Until now. This quilt is made out of Joel Dewberry\’s Heirloom collection. I bought aContinue reading “My First FMQ!!!”