Two Almost Finished Quilts

I have jumped head first into machine quilting and I turned out 2 quilts in a matter of less than 2 hours! The Sparkle Punch baby quilt I did in the same FMQ design I used for Laura\’s Wedding Quilt. I love the whimsy it adds! The second one I tried a new design, organic wavy lines. So all I need to do for my sparkle punch abby quilt is the binding. I have it sewn on, I just have to hand sew it down to the back. (My favorite part!!! For reals, not being sarcastic.)
Quilted Sparkle Punch
Sparkle Punch Closeup

I also quilted my Colorblock quilt that I tested for Bijou Lovely. This was the first time I have done organic wavy lines. Some are not as smooth as I wish but hey, practice makes perfect. Will be making the binding for this one tomorrow.
Quilted Colorblock
Colorblock Closeup
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14 thoughts on “Two Almost Finished Quilts

  1. The hand stitching on the binding is my favorite part, too. I really love this pattern and I have never tried the organic waves pattern for the FMQ. Can't wait to give it a shot! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I have never hand-stitched a binding. Usually by the time the binding comes, I just want it DONE already! That said, I hear so many people who say it is their favorite part. Perhaps a sense of satisfaction from finishing it off so perfectly? I will definitely need to try it (on something small, of course!)I love your FMQ work and the colors you selected for both quilts. Really beautiful!


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