I\’ve Been a Bad Girl.

I made a new friend this week, she thinks she\’s all that and a bag of chips. I mean she is beautiful and has some crazy talents so I pretty much agree with her. I\’ve been hanging out with her and even though she\’s a bad a**, I think I\’m going to keep her around.

Her name starts with Janome and ends with Horizon.

I finally took the plunge and got my dream machine!!!

Janome Horizon

I have been thinking about it for awhile. I have been in a solid quilting hobby without breaks more than a week or two for a year and half, so I\’m pretty sure I\’m going to stick with it. I also am accumulating a lot of tops that I was dreading machine quilting because my Bernina had the throat space of a new born baby.

Mike got a motorcycle this past weekend and I was like hey, he finally gets the toy he\’s wanted for awhile, I should get mine. I justified it to myself that I will be using this machine WAY more than new clothes or fast food, or anything else really for that matter so it will be worth the investment.

I am so happy I got it! I have already quilted my first baby quilt on it and it was a dream… Now I see why people like machine quilting, especially when it doesn\’t feel like you\’re trying to wrestle alligators to get it to go through the machine! Plus, that was one of my four big things off my 100 Days of Hustle list!! 1 down, 3 to go! I am finishing up the binding today so hopefully I will have it ready to show tomorrow. EDIT: I just finished it and here\’s the finished product! Finished Gypsy Dance

Here are a couple of the quilting closeups. Remember, I\’m fairly new to this and was experimenting so don\’t judge me too harshly.

Gypsy Dance CornerGypsy Dance BorderGypsy Dance Center

Once I have it for a few more weeks and actually find what I love and slightly dislike about it I will do a full fledged review. Until then,I reorganized my sewing space and purged some things I wasn\’t using and moved almost everything into pretty baskets! 🙂 Everything that is still in plastic I have covered with mini quilts to hide their ugliness..

Sewing Room
Sewing Room Storage

I have some exciting news happening in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that! I can\’t say what it is yet but it\’s gonna be really cool!

Adios! And Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts on “I\’ve Been a Bad Girl.

  1. Congratulations! I am thoroughly jealous and happy for you at the same time. Beautiful baby quilt! I have a feeling there will be more where that came from. And since Mike got a motorcycle you are TOTALLY justified:D


  2. Congrats on your new machine and your beautiful finish! It IS fun to quilt when you aren't struggling against your machine, isn't it????Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!


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