October Fresh Sewing Day

Wowie. October is already here! I put on a jacket for the first time this fall last night and I\’m in Texas, so I think fall is truly on it\’s way.

Lily\'s Quilts

As always, I am linking up to Lily\’s Quilts for her beginning of the month Fresh Sewing Day. I got a lot done in September and I\’m excited for October because I have a New Machine and I have already completed 2 of my 5 bee blocks and it\’s October 1st.

Watch out world. Some one is ahead of schedule! Anyways\’s let\’s get on with my September mosaic:

September\'s Creations

I still have a lot of that to finish but I did get a good chunk of stuff done. Way more than I\’ve gotten done in the past couple of months. I\’m excited for this fall. I have some really cool things coming up that I\’m excited to share with you! I know I keep saying that but I have to nail down the details first before I spill the beans in the wrong pot, if you know what I\’m saying!

I hope you all have a wonderful October and I am excited to meet some new bloggers as I always do through Lily\’s Fresh Sewing Day! Come back and visit!


7 thoughts on “October Fresh Sewing Day

  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the bird print – if it is the Laura Gunn one I think it is still availlable online (there is a little bit at Hawthorne Threads). I am nothing if not an enabler of other people's fabric purchases. You have some fantastic stuff on the go – I have followed your blog so I can keep up with your progress 🙂


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