Modern She Made

So I joined this swap group to challenge myself and make something of my own design. My parter had a cool mosaic and I was excited to start my first true start to finish design process. I started with sketches on scrap paper at work.

Modern She Made Potential Design

I then moved the design into this really cool app called TouchDraw on my iPad. I played with different colors and ratios and finalize the general concept of what I wanted to do.

Modern She Made Color Mock Up

Finally I used scraps of each color to bring my design to life and it was exactly what I had imagined!!

Modern She Made Mini Top

It was so simple but had the interest of each of the different fabrics, complemented with the simple quilting and a clean black binding. Ah. I loved it so much. I almost didn\’t want to send it off to my partner but did, and she absolutely loved it as well.

Modern She Made Finished

I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to make it on the fly and just with trial and error. The measurements I thought I would do ended up being way off but in the end I overcame and excelled.

I\’m in the process of doing my second one of a kind design for the Modernista Swap. More coming on that one soon!!

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