W.I.P. Wednesday

I have gotten a good chunk of stuff done this weekend and week so far! I finished my Chain Link top!!! I am trying to decide on how I want to quilt it. I think simple vertical/horizontal lines will do the trick. I want to keep the symmetrical vibe in tact. Of course Marta satContinue reading “W.I.P. Wednesday”

My Weekly Works in Progress

I have made major progress on my Chain Link. I know, I\’ve been working on this one forever! I am determined to finish the top for my guild meeting on Monday and I\’m in the home stretch! I finished all of my blocks and trimmed them. This is a step I used to step butContinue reading “My Weekly Works in Progress”

Sunni\’s Tree – Stash Bee

So after trials and tribulations this is what I have come up with for Sunni\’s Block. I think I might add some handstitching but this is the base of it. I wanted to do something a little offset and modern. I really like the way it turned out. I\’m going to head downstairs and addContinue reading “Sunni\’s Tree – Stash Bee”

W.I.P. Wednesday

So I\’m glad to be back in the swing of things sewing. Things have been sparse for the last couple of weeks so this WIP Wednesday hiatus was probably a good thing. 🙂 This is the beginnings of a quilt I\’m making from thrifted men\’s dress shirts. I\’m still playing around with how big IContinue reading “W.I.P. Wednesday”