3×6 Solids Bee Block

So after I got my solid stash in a decent shape I needed to think of a block that I wanted to do. I spent all weekend thinking of what way I wanted to go with it. When I think of solids, I think of modern, when I think of modern, I think geometrical. Therefore when I stumbled upon a variation of the Flying Dutchman block I decided to try it out in my colors to see if I liked it.

I had two choices for the layout:

Layout 1
2012 3x6 Solids Bee Block - In Progress

Layout 2
2012 3x6 Solids Bee Block - In Progress

I decided to do layout 1 because I felt that keeping the colors together helped you to see the flying dutchman pattern better. Layout 2 just had too much going on and it was sort of confusing to look at.

So here\’s the finished block:

Hopefully the ladies in the bee like it! If not I have some other ideas up my sleeve..

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2 thoughts on “3×6 Solids Bee Block

  1. What a fun pattern, I love it!! Your points are perfect! I like both layouts, but I would have gone with the 1st one too. I can't wait to see what else your going to do with it. I hope your having a great day!


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