Lucky Stars Table Runner

Over Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of visiting a LQS close to LaCrosse, WI called Olive Juice Quilts. On Black Friday, they had a BOGO yard of fabric…. Someone did some damage, but talk about a deal. I bought LOTS of fabric at low prices, and we all know that I needed it and thatContinue reading “Lucky Stars Table Runner”

How Exciting Is This??

So I couldn\’t help but post about this because you all will understand, no one else does!! So I\’m in Minneapolis for a couple of days for business and on one of the blogs I follow I saw a mentioning of the Minneapolis\’ MQG meeting being this week. I thought to myself that it wasContinue reading “How Exciting Is This??”

Wednesday Afternoon

So this is what I have in progress this week. 1. First Swoon block fully completed. Trying to decide if I like it enough to keep going. Initially I was going to make a queen sized quilt for my bedroom with this color scheme. Not sure if I\’m still emotionally bought into it. 2. MorkContinue reading “Wednesday Afternoon”