Lucky Stars Table Runner

Over Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of visiting a LQS close to LaCrosse, WI called Olive Juice Quilts. On Black Friday, they had a BOGO yard of fabric…. Someone did some damage, but talk about a deal. I bought LOTS of fabric at low prices, and we all know that I needed it and that I will use it, so I can\’t get too mad at myself.

This is what happens when your LQS had a Black Friday BOGO sale. Oops.

I went with my girlfriend and her sister and brother in law, so to keep the girls busy and engaged while I oogled and shopped and Doug went to the auto shop, I tasked them with picking out fabrics for a project that I wanted to make for their mom. They did a great job and provided me with a nice palette to work with. I knew I wanted to do some paper piecing because I haven\’t done it in awhile and I love the intricacy it produces. I have been eying several of the Lucky Stars BOM blocks and thought that would be a great set of stars to choose from.

I started with this one, I was not happy with it. The corners did not match up and I pretty much lost confidence and felt like I failed at life after this attempt.

100% complete after 4x ripping out the middle. F paper piecing star centers. That's just as good as it's going to get. This is why I don't show quilts, I don't have the patience for perfection. Improv is way more my style. #mplsmqg #luckystarsbom

The next one I tried went much better, I was happier with the corners and the color choices were more bold as well. I took the paper out before I sewed the individual wedges together. That helped a lot. I do wish that I would have altered the coloring in the center star with the orange so that the shading showed better, but hey, you can\’t win them all.

The Arcadian Star is complete!! Such a better experience. 1. I used tons of starch. 2. I tore out the paper after the first round of sewing pieces together. 3. I used a pin to match the points and checked before I sewed. Much better I would say since ther

The next one I tried I felt even better about. It was simpler and had less pieces so I felt more confident. I did scorch one piece of it, but you can barely tell so I let it pass.

Galactic Star complete!!! So many perfect points!!!! Happy dance!! I have learned so much in just three blocks. Starch is my new bestie for the pressie. #luckystarsbom #Christmassewcial

When I put those three blocks together they just didn\’t look right. The color placement didn\’t work so I decided that I would need to make another block to even out the coloring.

3 pretty blocks but I'm not sure they are pretty together as a table runner. Should have left the navy out of the corners on the bottom one. Looks like a 4th block will need to be made... Sigh. #Christmassewcial #luckystarsbom

This is the last block I completed. I needed to bring the navy into the outer parts of the block to even everything out. This was my favorite block. I finally got color placement, piecing, and patience combined to make a beautiful block.

Sparkling Star complete! #luckystarsbom #mplsmqg

I put them all together and felt good about the placement. Because this was a table runner I wanted to challenge myself with the quilting since the piece was smaller and very maneuverable in my machine. I did very dense quilting in the negative space and accentuated the star shapes with lines and FMQ.

Love the look of the dense swirls in the negative space.That one time I decided to challenge myself. :) I should do this more often. 😄😄😣 #mplsmqg

I am very happy with how the piece turned out. Jessie\’s mom loved it. Here is the finished front of the runner:

Never got a full picture up of the finished runner with the FMQ on it.

Here is the back of the runner. The fabric on top is the inspiration fabric. It is actually my favorite one out of the entire set but unfortunately I couldn\’t use it in the paper piecing because I feel like in order to have successful paper piecing you need fabrics that read certain colors, and this fabric had such a large scale print, it was very hard to get pieces that read as one color instead of many.

Does anyone know what line the top fabric is? I love it and would really like to use it in something else that could showcase it more next time.


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7 thoughts on “Lucky Stars Table Runner

  1. I love the stars! Paper-piecing is something I've wanted to do for a while now but the first time I tried it for a little pincushion, I ended up cutting off the bit that was supposed to stay. Argh!!!The fabrics you bought are amazing! Could you please tell me what the neutral one in the middle with the little arrows is called?


  2. Your runner looks fantastic! I love OJQ – I was there a few weeks ago and bought a kit for a quilt for my daughter. I thought it would be best to avoid going there on Black Friday! You picked up a nice looking pile of fabric!


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