Alex\’s Quilt In Progress

So there\’s someone special in my life right now and he thinks my quilting habit is awesome. Which is nice when a man recognizes your passion as something of value rather than that you\’re a weirdo. So since he has stuck around awhile I decided to make him a quilt. The only thing is that every time I make something for someone \”special\” it has always turned super bad from the time I am almost finished and I never even give them that item, so it\’s a running joke that my quilts are bad relationship omens. So I\’m crossing my fingers on this one.


Alex is very outdoorsy, simple, and low maintenance. I wanted to do something that would be unique but at the same time reflected his personality. I decided that I would make him a quilt entirely of scraps that I already had. I started with these big color scrap sections. I didn\’t know how big they would be or how I was going to arrange them, but they looked cool so I just kept going.

Made Fabric Red BlockMade Fabric Red/GreenMade Fabric Orange BlockMade Fabric Red/Orange/Green

Finally I got four of them and it was a good height for a quilt, so I stopped.

Made Fabric Quilt Top Middle In Progress

Even the grey\’s were all scraps and I knew I still had tons that I could use so I decided to start surrounding these color blocks with scrappy grey sections.

Alex\'s Quilt in Progress

Here is the quilt top finished, it is between a twin and a full size. I did it all with scraps!!!

Alex\'s Quilt Top Finished

I also had a lot of solids in the colors I used that were scraps so I figured I would carry on the scrap theme with the back. I love how it turned out. There was really no plan, I just sewed sections that fit together to each other and kept going. Not a new piece of fabric cut. Boo yah.

Alex\'s Quilt Back 2

I am going to be going to the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild retreat this weekend and will be quilting it there. I am very exited to see how it turns out and finishes up. 🙂 I\’ll share photos when I get back! I am planning on giving it to him for Christmas.


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8 thoughts on “Alex\’s Quilt In Progress

  1. Really looking good. The bad omen has lifted! I believe it's because you know he will like it, and he will! I could probably make a baby quilt with my scraps!


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