New Man in the House

For about the last six months I was thinking about getting a cat. I grew up with 5 cats and 2 dogs in the house and I know that there are awesome cats are not so awesome cats. I wanted to make sure that if I were going to make this commitment that I would be getting an awesome cat. And I did. I looked for months for a cat with the right personality for my home. It was just my lab/greyhound mix and myself and she is super laid back and I like snuggling. I found the perfect cat at Project Pet Rescue here in Minneapolis. I saw his big ears and tabby face and once I met him realized that he is just as relaxed as our house and that he would be a great fit. πŸ™‚


So I brought him home and he got comfortable very quickly.

Marlow SleepingUntitled

He even got on the good side of the dog fairly quickly.

Furries SleepingUntitledUntitled

He also made himself at home by being a curious little kitten and breaking things…

UntitledMarlow Menace

And helping me work from home.

Marlow Helping Me Work

And also has learned to help me quilt.


But he\’s my little buddy, and the new man in the house.

Marlow SittingUntitled

May I introduce to you Marlow.


So be prepared to see him in the future. πŸ™‚ Because he\’s not going anywhere.


4 thoughts on “New Man in the House

  1. Welcome Marlow! It looks like he's fallen right into place at home. Life with new kitties can be fun! We are planning on getting two soon. Any tips on figuring out if a cat's personality will be a good fit? I lucked out with two awesome cats in the past, but I know like you said that there are some not so awesome ones out there too! I'd be interested in hearing more about making the right choice.


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