I love bees because everyone has such great ideas that I can steal and then make my own quilt to replicate their brilliant idea. I mean…. I love the inspiration they give me. 🙂

Harmony. do. Good. Stitches
This is one of those blocks that I just want to eat up. It will make a gorgeous quilt and I want it so badly!!!

Harmony. do. Good. Stitches September 2013 Block

I also love super fast blocks that are a breeze to get through.

BeeJeebers September 2013 Blocks

Simply Solids
And I don\’t like bees that have angry evil people in them. (I will rant for the rest of this part, so if you don\’t want to read it, skip to after the picture.)

The lady that asked for this block was not nice. In fact, I\’ll say it, she was a b****. She opted to send her own fabric out, which is fine, but not the norm for bees. She then proceeded to accuse the rest of us of stealing from her because we had her make our blocks from her own fabric, basically getting a free quilt.

\”I am also really tired of being asked to Stash Bust Yippee! I took the time to send out my own fabric, while most everyone else is getting a free quilt top. You are also not supposed to specify what colors you want if you. If you are cheap enough to make us send our stash, you\’ll get whatever I want to send you.\”

Hello lady, that\’s what a bee is. Don\’t tell me I\’m taking your money because I am following the rules. She then kept on being a b**** and was snarky even when letting me know she had sent my block.

\”I sent mine about a week and a half ago. You should definitely have it by now.\”

Oh girlfriend. I have your address and I am definitely thinking about sending you coal for Christmas. You are an angry evil piece of human to be such a b**** in a community that is super nice and supportive and great. I guess I\’m lucky but this is the first time I have ever come across this behavior and I could not believe how rude and disrespectful she was. I hope no one ever has to experience something like this is a bee because it is not normal. I have loved my bees and while yes they have ups and downs, people are nice and well mannered. Keep it together woman, don\’t take your hatred out on innocent others.

Ahhh…. we can move on now. Gamboge Simply Solids September 2013 Block

Anyways, I got to go to my quuilt retreat this weekend and it was a total blast. I will do a whole post on it so I\’m not going to share too much here.


3 thoughts on “Bee-utiful

  1. What a nut case. I'm part of the Simply Solids bee too (in another group) and the rules were really clear at the beginning! Don't like the rules? Don't sign up!! That log cabin block is particularly delicious – I would totally be stealing that idea too!


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