Embroidered Lunch Box Tutorial

I have had an adorable embroidered piece that I have been struggling to know what to do with for a couple of years now. A couple of weeks back I thought it would be great on a lunch box I was planning to make, so I went on search of a pattern or tutorial. IContinue reading “Embroidered Lunch Box Tutorial”

Rainbow Starburst String Block Tutorial

I have had several requests for a tutorial on how to make my Rainbow Starburst String Block that I have had both my BeeJeebers Bee and my Stash Bee mates make for me. I just love the way this looks and I hope you enjoy making 1 or 2 or a whole quilts worth asContinue reading “Rainbow Starburst String Block Tutorial”

BeeJeebers Queen Bee

Yay! It\’s finally September and I get to see what this wonderful group of ladies make for me! Everyone has had such awesome blocks and so hopefully this one shapes up to their creative standards. I wanted share with y\’all how to create this block as well! I took inspiration from a tutorial I sawContinue reading “BeeJeebers Queen Bee”

Modern Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial

Hello! My name is Colby and I have had the honor to be invited to take part in Plum and June\’s Blog Hop and I have a tutorial to share with all of you! If you want to get to know a little bit more about me, click here to see the questions I answeredContinue reading “Modern Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial”