BeeJeebers Queen Bee

Yay! It\’s finally September and I get to see what this wonderful group of ladies make for me! Everyone has had such awesome blocks and so hopefully this one shapes up to their creative standards.

I wanted share with y\’all how to create this block as well!

I took inspiration from a tutorial I saw and have made a couple of small changes to it so please make sure you note them.

Rainbow Stash Star

BeeJeebers September Block

Inspiration Tutorial

Changes to Make:
Step 1: Cut your four beginning squares to 8.5 inches square
Step 2: Mark your lines 3 inches from the corners
Colors: Imitate the color scheme of the test block I have made, using black as the solid and using the colors below and in that order for the tips.

Each quadrant should have one side of each color.

Note: Make sure you check and make sure which side of the tip the color is on before you start to sew, I almost tripped up a couple of times!

Top Left: orange and yellow
Top Right: green and aqua
Bottom Right: blue and purple
Bottom Left: pink and red

Feel free to use any fabrics, just make sure the read the color of the tip that they are in.

The block should finish at 16.5 inches square.

Again, if you have any questions just let me know!

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