Lots of Finishes Friday

So I didn\’t get as much sewing done this weekend as I normally do because I wen to Mardi Gras! I have been several times but it was my roommates first time and we had a good time. Me (left), Heidi (right) Heidi and I - Mardi Gras 2012 We had a total of about 16 hours driving and so I was able to get a lot of hand work done. I finished my Feb. Beejeebers block! Based on the theme of family board games, I chose Cranium. Beejeebers Feb block I also finished up one of my pieces for my Hoop Up Swap. This one is for Maripen, based on a woodlands creatures theme. Hoop Up Swap - Maripen\'s Block I also made some good progress on Tropical Soup\’s Hoop Up piece, based on the poem the Owl and the Pussycat. Hoop Up Swap -tropical soup, in progress I am still working on my owls and was able to finish one all but the eyes, which the colors I had accidentally left at home. Owl embroidery in progress Whew. Lots of embroidery. I also had some hexagons but they were all from the same fabric so I will need to make up some more so that I can actually work on them. I realized that I needed a good embroidery bag on this trip, with lots of pockets! So as I had plenty of time, I thought a lot and decided I wanted to use solids and do a rainbow sort of thing. This is what I came up with: I used some of my quilter\’s linen that I bought last week and just some kona solids. I was playing with the scraps and I liked the way they were looking so I told myself that I needed to incorporate them into the piece somehow. This is what I came up with. I am still debating on whether to add some hand stitching, I have this beautiful rainbow variegated pearl cotton I got from the Houston International Quilt Festival and I might just use some.. Embroidery Pouch - Back I just sewed one line through the center of each little strip and I LOVE the way it looks. I also sewed a line vertically down the middle the make this pocket into two pockets. I lined the pouch in a bright pink and put two pockets in yellow on the inside. Embroidery Pouch - Inside I\’m thinking of doing this again and making it into a tutorial. We will see. Off to figure out what to do next! Linking up to: Finish it Up Friday, Can I get a Whoop Whoop, and

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