My Sewing Space

So this weekend I did some major organizing in my sewing room. Previously I had about half of my scraps folded nicely and sorted by color. But I finally sat down and just did them all. I\’m so happy with the result! I can see everything! And I can see the gaps in my stash…

Sorted Stash

I put them on my shelf by color order:

Scrap Stash

Scrap Stash

I also folded all my >1 yard fabrics:

Large Yardage Stash

This is the main part of my sewing room:
Sewing Room

Here is where I keep all of my tools and projects:
Sewing Room

Here\’s my second sewing station, set up for my roommate, who I\’m trying to get on the quilting bandwagon:
Sewing Room

I reorganized the furniture placement to allow for a larger design wall. I still need 2 more packs of the cork tiles but I am loving how big this will be!
Design Wall

Here\’s the closet, completely reorganized!
Storage Closet

And finally my ironing station.
Ironing Area

I\’m really happy with how it came out. Now the challenge will be to maintain it..

4 thoughts on “My Sewing Space

  1. Love your space! It's so nice to have a room of your own to create in. Looks so nice and clean and organized. I need to redo mine again, it never stays like that for long.


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