January 2012

These are the projects I worked on and/or completed in January of 2012. When I went to put this together I didn\’t realize that I had done so much this month. Hope February will be as prosperous.

January 2012

Most of these are still in progress.

Most notably my Name Game Swap Mini:

Name Game Swap Teaser

And my Chain Link:

Chain Link - In Progress

I hope to finish both within the next week. I have vowed that I am not allowed to do anything else until I finish these two projects.

Thanks for stopping by!

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17 thoughts on “January 2012

  1. hi – I popped over from lily's fresh sewing day….. and I've realised you're in my stash bee… I recognised your lovely tree in your mosaic. Your blog is lovely, I hope you don't mind but I have decided to follow you xxx


  2. I've made the same resolution with myself to not start anything new until I finish what I've already started. It's not easy! But, just think of all the beautiful finishes that await you.


  3. Hi just found you through the small blog meet and can't wait to look around some more. I love your embroidery, it's so cute!! I did and am still working on some right now. It's so relaxing. When you get the chance I would love for you to stop by my blog and have a look around. Hope your having a wonderful day!


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