Bee Block Catch Up

I have been a busy little bee and have been doing lots of things but just have not had the time to post about them! I had a small slump in my desire to quilt but it has come back and come back with fury! I shall be doing lots of quilting in the next several months and I will be showing what I have been doing as well.

For now, I will show you the bee blocks that I have done over the past several months.

For BeeJeebers:

In February we did the Scrappy Sprout Block from traceyjay quilts. I think these are absolutely adorable and would love to make a quilt of these. One day I will have enough low volume scraps to do so! Beejeebers February 2014 Block 1
Beejeebers February 2014 Block 2

March was the Star Light Star Bright Block from one of our fellow bee members, Melissa! She has been doing some fabulous quilt alongs so if you haven\’t checked her out, do it. Proud to say she\’s a fellow BeeJeeberan!

Beejeebers March 2014

April was a sampler quilt that we could do whatever we wanted with as long as it was in pinks, greys, and whites. I originally was going to do a full patchwork block with a patchwork plus sign of pink but the volume of the pink and grey did not contrast enough so it just looked like a gobbled mess. This is what I ended up doing, still got the plus idea out and also was able to use some mirror ball dots!!!

BeeJeebers April 2014 Block

For Harmony. do. good. stitches.:

February was my month and I picked wonky triangles inspired by the \”Didn\’t Get the Memo\” quilt by Alissa Carlton. They were super easy to make. To make a 12.5in block, you use 16 white squares, 4in x 4in. Place a grey/black triangle on the corner, hypotenuse towards the middle, sew, trim, and press. Each square is trimmed to 3.5in before being sewn together into a 4 square x 4 square block.

Make sure that the squares are made as shown below:
– Triangles facing the left
– Wonky triangle should only cover one corner, the other 3 corners being open, allowing for the \”floating\” look of the triangles.

Harmony. do. Good. Stitches. February 2014 Blocks

March was super easy. We made Scrapbuster Rainfence Blocks. The beauty of this block is that you can use all those super busy multi-colored prints you have that are too obnoxious to put anywhere else. Great scrapbusting block for sure.

Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches. March 2014 block 1
Harmony. Do. Good. Stitches. March 2014 block 2

And finally in April we made adorable Scrappy Heart Blocks that used low volumes and reds. I think this would be fabulous with multi-colored scraps as well. If not even better! Who doesn\’t love rainbows??

Harmony. do. good. stitches. April 2014 Block 1
Harmony. do. good. stitches. April 2014 Block 2

There have been some great blocks these past couple of months. This is what I love about bees. You get to try lots of new blocks, patterns, and techniques without committing to an entire quilt. It also means that you try lots of new things that you love so that never ending list of to-be quilt grows ever longer. Oh the woes of a creative mind…


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