November 2012 Bee Blocks

This is again a catch up post! I never got a chance to post about the blocks I made in November for my bees!

For We Bee Modern Too we made the Mondrian block again. I like this block but the first time I made it, it came out on the small side so I made sure to sew a scant 1/4in seam this time and it turned out perfectly!

We Bee Modern Too November 2012 Block

For HARMONY. do. good stitches. instead of making two blocks, we just made one super long strip of flying geese. Very quick and easy! I\’m interested to see how all these come together.

HARMONY. do. good. stitches. November 2012 Block

For BeeJeebers we made the Carpenter\’s Star. I have been wanting to make this block for awhile now. Very much like the infamous Swoon block, it has lots of HST\’s and flying geese. Came together smoothly and now I have it under my belt.

Beejeebers November 2012 Bee

It was my month in the Stash Bee and I had them make my Rainbow Starburst Block that I have posted about before. I had my BeeJeebers Bee make it for me and I put together the blocks and loved it so much I decided to have another bee make them as well to make a large quilt! Lots of beautiful blocks have arrived and I can\’t wait to put them all together. Here\’s a picture of the BeeJeebers blocks all put together.

Rainbow Star TopRainbow Star Close Up

Just so pretty!


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