My First Sew In

There is Dallas Modern Quilter\’s Guild here in town that I\’ve been wanting to join for the past year. The meetings were on Thursdays and I couldn\’t go due to my work schedule. I have moved some things around to be able to get off for the meetings so now I can be a part of the DMQG!

I\’m really excited to be a part of a group that understands the work that I\’m doing and also can relate to me as a 23 year old! As soon as I realized I could take part, I signed up for the next event, a Sew In this past Saturday.

I have never done a Sew In, the closest I\’ve done is a class, which is way different. I wasn\’t really sure what to expect, but I gathered my machine, some projects, a large Coke from McDonald\’s and set on my way.

I brought several projects to work on, but the ones I knew I needed to focus on were my Mario Quilt, and starting the wonky stars for my cousin Tonya\’s quilt. I have mocked that one up in TouchDraw as well so I\’ll share that when I get a chance.

I almost finished sewing together the rows of the Mario Quilt, with only 2 mishaps on getting a block off and having to rip out several seams to get back on track. Luckily I brought my seam ripper!

I had to stop when I realized I was one skin square short so then I moved onto my wonky stars.

Sew In Mario Progress

>These stars will be bordering the main panel, which will be black and white appliquéd cats. This will be a kind size quilt and I need 30 of these 9 inch blocks to complete the first border.

Sew In Wonky Stars

I completely finished 4, and I had the wonky star tips ready for about 5 more when it was time to leave. Overall, I am very happy with the progress I made and I\’m excited to take part in the next one in October!

Sew Happy GeekColby

8 thoughts on “My First Sew In

  1. You're so lucky you were able to find a MQG. I keep thinking about joining the guild in my small rural town, but I just prefer the modern looks so much more, and I don't know how well I would fit in…


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