Mike\’s Quilt

So when I started dating Mike, a year ago this month, he asked for a quilt. I told him that if we made it 6 months that I\’d make him one. We made it six months, so I asked him to start thinking of what kind of quilt he would like. He found 3 he liked and settled on a triangle solids quilt. I bought the die for my Accuquilt Go and everything and then Angela at Cut to Pieces came up with a Super Mario Quilt Along and I was like, \”hey, this looks cool!\” Mike took a look at it and said that he wanted that quilt instead.

With each block being made of 324 individual squares, I told him that he will not be getting the whole quilt, but if he wants to pick one block I will blow it up and turn it into a quilt. I love him but I don\’t love him 3,888 individual squares worth.

He said that would work so I started drafting up a design. I adapted Angela\’s design and added some grass and then will be adding \”Super Mike\” on the top and bottom.

Mike\'s Mock Up

By the way, if you have an iPad and you quilt, DOWNLOAD TOUCHDRAW. It is the best app to design quilts on your iPad with. It\’s fabulous!! Lily over at Lily\’s Quilts has several tutorials on how to use it as well. Do it. It is totally worth it.

Anyways, I set about cutting the 324 squares today and realized I don\’t have enough green so I will need to go get some of that tomorrow.

Mike\'s Squares

I recently joined to Dallas Modern Quilt Guild and there is a Sew In this Saturday so I am going to work on this quilt then! I\’m so excited to meet people who like modern quilting and get what I do in real life!! I will also be taking several other projects so I will make sure to give you and update of what I get done at my first ever Sew In!

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