My Geese are Flying!

So I recently bought the Fon\’s & Porter Flying Geese Ruler after hearing a really good review on it and so today I tried it out. It is as good as the review said it was. Everything fit perfectly together and from cut to finish of 24 individual flying geese blocks, probably 30 minutes total and all of them turned out well. I used Kona Ash and a Plum Purple.

The issue I\’m now having is what I want the layout for this mini to be. I know I want to hand quilt it in the grey negative space with plum pearl cotton but I don\’t know how I want to orient the blocks.

Here are some of the layouts I\’ve been toying with and I need your help to decide which one to do. Please leave a comment on which layout you like best and I\’ll make the one with the most \”votes\”. Also if you know of a different way to lay them out that you think would look better, let me know, these are my first geese so I\’m open to anything.

Layout 1 (Diamonds)

Layout 2 (Cross Directional Arrows)

Layout 3 (Alternating Directions)

Layout 4 (Diamonds and Arrows)

Layout 5 (All one way)

Layout 6 (Centered Diamonds)

Layout 7 (Hourglasses)

Help! What should I do?

2 thoughts on “My Geese are Flying!

  1. I am going to have to get one of these rulers too! I like number 3 the best, but since you have the new ruler I suggest you try all of these designs in your next few quilts.


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