I\’m Taking My Time

This past week I got a good amount of hand quilting done. I\’m currently hand quilting 2 quilts, one for my Best Friend for her wedding in March (I\’ve already told her to expect it as a belated present due to the huge amounts of hand quilting I\’m doing on that baby). I\’m doing another for a friend from college that was an Art major, that plays off the work she did in school, dealing with proportions.

Here\’s some of the detail of the wedding quilt, I am quilting it with size 5 pearl cotton in off white. I can\’t show too much because she follow the blog..

Here is the base quilting that I finished this past week:
The Wedding Quilt Hand Quilting

Here is some of the extra starburst detail I\’m adding within each of the base quilting negative areas:

I still have a couple of months left on this one.

The other quilt is solids quilted with opposite color pearl cotton as well. I learned that next time I need to scoot a little more than 1/4 in off the seam allowance because I\’m right on and quilting through all of that bulk is not very fun.

Proportion Quilt Hand Quilting

And what it looks like after my dog has decided to lay all over it.. My fault for leaving it on the bed.

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