My Troubled Project – Top Finished

So in the former post My Troubled Project I expressed my dislike of the pattern I was using and how I just started cutting into the piecing I had already sewn. To me, anything was better than what I had started with. But I had never just completely abandoned a pattern or plan like that before, especially without completely thinking it throught. Hence, how it falls into Try New Things Thursday, hosted at Happy Quilting.

But now, after crazily cutting everything up and sewing it back together to again in an orderly fashion I am very pleased with what has come out of it.

This is going to be for my best friend\’s mother in law. Weird connection right? My best friend\’s fiance knew when he started dating his soon to be wife that I also came along with the package. Token third wheel, basically sisters..yadda yadda. Well it\’s true and even to the point that even his parents have accepted me into their family as well. They even get me Christmas presents. It\’s crazy. He\’s awesome, they\’re awesome, and I hope this will show his mom how appreciative I am of them allowing me to be part of the family.

Thanks to Happy Quilting and JAQS Studio!

8 thoughts on “My Troubled Project – Top Finished

  1. Love the quilt! BTW, I'm a member of Cedar Hill quilters guild (just read the newsletter with your bio) and have a blog too! Check it out! I go by my middle name, Ruth, for the blog. I'll introduce myself at the next meeting.


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