WIP Wednesday

Thanks to Lee at Freshly Pieced for Hosting WIP Wednesday!

So in honor of this weekend\’s festivities, aka the Houston International Quilt Festival, that of which I am going to…(weeeee!!!) I am showing you what I am making for the special woman accompanying me on my trip this weekend.

My great aunt, \”Auntie\”, is 85 and along with my mother was the one that got me started doing quilts and sewing. Her mother, my great grandmother was the one who passed all the knowledge down throughout the family and with my mother and grandmother both gone, my Auntie and I are the only people left in our family that still sew and we both are very passionate about it.

In honor of our shared hobby my Christmas present to her is a trip to the Houston International Quilt Festival. My mom and I went once when I was about 10 and I absolutely loved it. I am taking my aunt and another one of my fellow guild members, neither of which has ever been. They are in for a TREAT.

My second Christmas gift, maybe birthday gift, at the rate I\’m going, is a star sampler quilt that I am designing myself. I found 12 different 12\’ stars that I really like and am making them with coordinating traditional materials I found on a trip to a LQS. The materials are a little out of my realm but I\’m not sure an 85 year old would like the modern fabric I usually work with.

I currently have 3 done and 9 to go. This one will definitely be hand quilted, no doubt. This lady is very special to be and deserves a special quilt. It should turn out to be about queen size. I\’ll keep you posted on my progress.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The fabric you picked is very nice! And what a great gift to be making. I've been to the Houston Quilt Show and it is SO awesome! I hope you guys had fun! 🙂


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