My Troubled Project

So I started out with a beautiful high contrast print that I wanted to show off in large tiles. I picked out several coordinating colors to accentuate the print and started following a pattern I found in a magazine.

I just wasn\’t liking the way it was looking after I got all of the patchwork squares together so I decided to just start cutting it up instead of ripping out all the seams. I HATE SEAM RIPPING.

After I cut all the blocks up I sewed them into strips and decided to basically use them as a scrappy sashing for the plain blocks. This brought out the color while at the same time keeping the focus on the print rather the complimentary fabric.

I only have about 4-5 strips left to put between rows and then the borders. My dog Marta decided that she was already ready for this one to be done. Laying the middle of things just as always.

I think it will turn out okay, if anything it is just so much better than it was before. I\’m deciding whether to keep it simple or add some punch with the quilting, possibly some hand quilting? Hmmm… I\’ll have to sleep on it.

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