Travel Pouch

I\’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and am getting all of my hand work together to work on the plane. I already have a pouch that I use for hand quilting but I felt I needed on for embroidery/hand work too. 🙂 I have had this thing cut out for almost a year and decided to finish it up real quickly this afternoon.

This is the first time I did the zipper end finishing and due to being in a rush did not refer to the many tutorials I have seen, definitely can do better but for now it\’ll work.

I lined it with a white on white print, one of my current favorite obsessions…

7 thoughts on “Travel Pouch

  1. Cute! Loving the linen. You are so right, we need multiple little bags for every type of handwork otherwise we're dragging out, spilling things that aren't even what we were hunting for, LOL!


  2. Nice — You'll find that finishing this one will make you want to make more — stock up on zippers! Those little pouches are very handy and make nice gifts.


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