Groupon Fail.. or Win?

So about a week ago I got a Groupon to a local quilt shop, Quilter\’s Stash. First fail, I accidentally got two instead of one. I guess I doubled clicked or something.

I was in Dallas Sunday morning so I figured since I was in the area I could swing by the shop, second fail, it is closed on Sundays. So finally after I had an off site work function yesterday I ran by the shop, or what I thought was the shop.

Fail three. I picked out my $60 worth of fabric and notions I had already paid for through the Groupon purchases and go to the cash register. \”I\’m sorry this isn\’t Quilter\’s Stash, this is Richland Sewing Center, people get us mixed up all the time.\” They were right next to each other in a building that looked like one shop, with a sign that said use other door. Very confusing. Needless to say they gave me a discount for my trouble and I headed to the real Quilter\’s Stash.

I picked up some really unique prints and some Best Press. My new best friend. All in all I came home with triple what I was expecting from the initial Groupon purchase. So it\’s a good thing right?

Here\’s just some of my loot:

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