Tattoo Piece Finally Finished

So I moved to Minnesota and they have a big state fair every year. Not as big as Texas\’, just saying, but it is a big ordeal. There is a competition each year called, \”Quilt on a Stick\”, which is modeled after the theme that everything at the fair is on a stick, sort of like at the Texas State Fair everything is \”Deep Fried\”. You are supposed to make a 9x9ish mini quilt that fits on a paint stick and reflects the theme for that year. This year the them was Body Art.

I have a friend that I know through our therapy dog work and she is a tattoo artist here in Minneapolis at Saint Sabrina\’s. I asked her if she wouldn\’t mind sharing a couple of designs with me for me to recreate for this event. She was great and shared several beautiful designs with me. (If you want a tattoo, she is great… just saying) But I saw one that I just fell in love with. It was a gun that was wrapped in vines and flowers, just the right mix of edgy and pretty. But I had no idea how I was going to recreate it. All the better for a challenge, right? Here is my friend Taylor\’s original tattoo design that I wanted to recreate in fabric for the competition.

Tattoo Piece - Inspiration

I started with the outline of the gun, traced it on the fabric and then very carefully machine stitched the outline.

Tattoo Piece - Gun Outline

I then was trying to figure out how to make the flowers. I knew that I wanted them to be 3D so I played around with different concepts and came up with this one.

Tattoo Piece - Orchid\'s in Progress

Then I needed to add the vines. If they were flat then they wouldn\’t show up and the flowers would look weird, but then, if they were super 3D then the gun would look boring. So… I went somewhere in between. I took green fabric and shredded it, rolled it, and then tacked it to the fabric onto the lines of the vines.

Tattoo Piece - Vine MaterialTattoo Piece - Vines in Progress

I hand quilted it with a starburst pattern radiating from the center of the gun and binded it in a black solid to give a border look.Here is the finished Tattoo piece for my belated \”Quilt on a Stick\”.

Finished Quilt on a Stick

Needless to say I did not finish it in time for the fair, I misread the date I needed to drop it off and couldn\’t enter. 😦 It\’s probably a good thing though because Minnesota is different than Texas and not everyone likes guns here.. While there were some tattoo pieces in the exhibit mine definitely would have been one of the more bold ones and I\’m not sure the judges would\’ve liked my literal approach. But I love it and I think it is a piece that hopefully lives up to the beautiful design I tried to recreate.

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2 thoughts on “Tattoo Piece Finally Finished

  1. I am from MN. I am not a huge fan of guns. But that doe snot even matter. This is pretty amazing. I love your interpretation and the artsiness of it. Too bad you could not have entered it 😦


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