So this is a really special post. I have been wanting to do this quilt for a really long time but wasn\’t sure of how to go about designing it. I have the best dog in the world. I know other people think their dog is better than mine but its just not possible. Marta is awesome. I\’ll share the story of how I got her and what we have been through throughout the process of this quilt, but for now all you need to know is that she is so awesome, that I have always wanted to make a quilt that represented her.


I have seen several pixelated quilts online and also at QuiltCon and always knew that\’s what I wanted to do with Marta\’s quilt. I always had the picture I wanted to do in mind as well. This picture was taken in the University of Texas boathouse and it completely encapsulates Marta\’s personality.


I pixelated it several years ago and then never did anything with it. I wasn\’t sure how to really break it all down and make it into a doable quilt.


After QuiltCon I saw that Craftsy had a free pixelation class!! It\’s was my chance!!!!! I sat down and did the class one night and played with the above picture and came up with a \”pattern\” to follow.


I made her ears a little bigger because the original pic didn\’t really represent them properly. I also turned the background to white to make Marta the focal point of the quilt. I am going to be out of town most of this next month so I probably won\’t be able to start on it until the end of April but I am so excited to start!


I totally recommend the pixelating class on Craftsy! It really shows you exactly how to do it and gave me the confidence to do this quilt that I have wanted to do for years. Go check it out. It\’s free!




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