November Fresh Sew Day

Lily\'s Quilts

So I got a good chunk done in October. I finished several entire quilt tops which I am very excited about. Now I am looking forward to quilting them. I am still fairly new at the whole FMQ thing so hopefully these will be good practice to get my skills sharpened up. Here is what I did in October, it\’s not all here bc I\’ve been lazy and haven\’t uploaded all the pics but most of the stuff is.

October 2012 Finishes

I am attending my first quilting retreat today through Sunday and I am super excited to hang out with all the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild ladies! I am bringing tons of stuff to do because I have found that I am very productive during sew ins so I want to make sure I don\’t run out of stuff to do!

I will be blogging throughout the trip so stay tuned!


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