This Weekend

This weekend I got a lot of stuff accomplished. The biggest accomplishment was doing all of my 3×6 Bee blocks. 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - Hive 5 I am really happy with how the turned out. I had an assembly line thing going on so it probably took me about 6 hours from cutting to finishing all of them.

Jkae1989 (Jodi) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - jkae1989 Kritta22 (Krista) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - Kritta22 Melly314 (Melissa) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - Melly314 TheNewMrs2011 (Mallory) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - TheNewMrs2011 TinkingAlong (Lynne) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - TinkingAlong MadewLove (Marta) 3x6 Bee Q1 2012 - madewlove

I also finished my We Bee Modern Too Block for March. Doing things early this month! We Bee Modern Too March Block + Siggy This block probably took 15 minutes from cutting to finish. One of the easiest blocks ever. It\’s Boxed In from the Modern Blocks book.

I also baked some this weekend. I made Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmmmm…. Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies - Inside Mike, the boyfriend, also sewed this weekend. I have been churning out Danni\’s Box Pouches in the last week. They are so useful and cute!! I had originally made one for Mike but it was too small for what he needed it for so we took another trip to JoAnn\’s and he picked out some more fabric and suggested that he try to make it himself this time.

This is a pretty easy pattern so I was all for it. He did so well. I cut the pieces, he put it all together, EVEN QUILTED IT! I helped a little bit with the zipper, but other than that he did it all by himself.. 🙂 Mike Sewing PouchMike\'s PouchMike\'s Pouch OutsideMike\'s Pouch LiningI think he did pretty darn well.

I have some more stuff I did over the weekend but I will save that for later on this week. Linking up to: Fresh Poppy Designand

8 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. Wow those blocks look amazing, love all the bright colours!!! Your boyfriend did a great job on the pouch. It's nice when they guy gets involved in the process =D


  2. Oh my, you were busy. I love that your boyfriend will sew with you. He definitely looks proud of his work. How many bee blocks are you making? Peggy


  3. I am impressed with your boyfriend's bag! I wish I could get DH to do some basic sewing for me, but he won't touch the sewing machine.


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