My Birthday Present!

So lots to share today from the past couple of days! First of all today is my birthday and I got the most magnificent birthday present from my boyfriend. I work nights so when I came home last night at 3 am he tricked me into going into my sewing room to look for something that he thought had fallen out of his pocket by the ironing board.

When I got to the door there was a rose in the latch and when I opened the door, my machine was covered with a quilt. A couple of months back I had asked for a sewing table/platform so that I could FMQ better and since I have a Bernina, the arm is very narrow and it would just be awesome to have. Ask and you shall receive.

This is what I uncovered.

Birthday Present from Mike

He had given me 22 roses the day before and said I would have to wait for the other two. One was in the door, the other on my new table!

Here\’s the close up\’s of the post it\’s:

Birthday Post it\'s Part 1

Birthday Post it\'s Part 2

Birthday Post it\'s Part 3

Earlier that night I had ordered Chinese food, which I hate but it was that or almost rancid leftovers, and the fortune cookie message was this:

My Valentine\'s Day Fortune Cookie

He said it almost ruined the surprise. I was wondering why he never acknowledged that text!

Anyways, I am super excited to try it out. In fact I had to sit down and finish a block on it before I went to bed! I\’m so lucky to have such a great guy. I think I might turn one of his pics into a Ryan Gosling one..

\”Hey baby, if you\’re good, I\’ll surprise you with a sewing table for your birthday.\”

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