Monday Chain Link Monotony

I\’ve been working on a quilt from Link From the 30\’s for a couple of weeks now. It caught my eye because even though it\’s a 1930\’s design, it looks very modern. I have been chain piecing the heck out of this thing. I HATE CHAIN PIECING. It saves so much time and thread but man it is boring.

In order to get through it I have been breaking it up into sections of colors. Once I get through a stack I am allowed to do something I want to do, whether it be switching to ironing or working on another project, or browsing the web. This seemed to work really well for me. Gives me motivation to get through the monotony of chain piecing.

I am on the last step of construction of the blocks and about halfway through finishing the blocks. It\’s going to be about a full size quilt, I\’m thinking of really bumping up the borders and making it a queen for the guest bedroom.

Here\’s one up close:
Chain Link Block

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge CreationsSew Happy Geek

8 thoughts on “Monday Chain Link Monotony

  1. So cute. You are using one of my favorite prints. I seriously wish I would have been into quilting when that print first came out. I would own them all :). Lovely quilt and great progress.


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