3×6 Bee Blocks in Progress!

So today after I had figured out what kind of block I wanted to do for the 3×6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee I started on the blocks for my Bee Mates. Go Hive #3!!!

This was my test block in my colors to see if what I was thinking would transfer into an actual block. I LOVED it but…. it was too small. By like 1/2 an inch. Grrr..

So I came back about a week later and decided to thicken the strips to make it wide enough. When I was pulling scraps for the first block, greys and greens, I realized that if I did 6 strings that were thicker I wouldn\’t have enough fabric of the ones I wanted to use, hence the altered pattern. I still think it looks good and it was quicker so I guess it\’ll work for now.

3x6 Sampler Bee Q4 for lel6419

This one is for lel6419 (Laura). I cut the fabrics for KvarnAnna (Anna\’s) black/grey/white today and will finish that one tomorrow.

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