Long Time No See

Whew. Quilting has had to take a back seat the last couple of weeks. I have had some exciting things happen in the time that has passed though:

#1 I got a bad ass iron for 50% off. (Lesson: patience is a virtue.)

#2 I finished my first quilt that I have ever given away as a Christmas present. (Scrappy Sash Quilt – no finished picture… bad me)

#3 I completed my first ornament for my guild ornament swap.

#4 I have come up with a block design for my 4×5 Modern Quilt Bee (should have one or two finished today)

#5 I have lots to catch up on so stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Long Time No See

  1. The gingerbread man is so funny! My Rowenta died and I finally just went for a cheapo iron because I didnt' want to spend money on another expensive one and have it die on me so quickly.


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