My First Mosaic!!

So while doing some research for my 3×6 Bee I was asked to present a mosaic of inspiration. Only problem was that I had never done a mosaic. Well thank you to Kat from Mumma\’s Time to Create, I was able to learn how to make a mosaic in a matter of minutes.

My color scheme for this Quarter is red/orange/grey and this is my new mosaic:

Q4 3x6 Bee Hive #3

I\’m excited to pick the block I want to do for my beemates and see what they come up with as well!

11 thoughts on “My First Mosaic!!

  1. Colby, your blogger is set up as a no-reply blogger. You may want to go into your profile and change it so that if you leave a comment on another blog we can respond. :)Your comment about my machine, it's a Baby Lock (same as a Brother).


  2. Those are beautiful. And this from someone who always thought orange was just too over the top! Two of those look like paper piecing. Really, really nice.


  3. I did not even understand what a mosaic was the first time I saw you had to do one for a swap. Needless to say, I didn't participate! Congrats on the beautiful choices.


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