February Bee Block Round Up

I needed to get my February Bee Blocks done early in the month because I found out that I was be moving. Again! But is time across the country! And with three weeks notice!

I will probably devote a whole post to that topic so for now I will show you the blocks I did for February.

First up is my beloved BeeJeebers! I love scrappy blocks and the ladies in this bee are great at choosing or designing great blocks to use with scraps. This was super easy to put together but trying to get the corners to be perfectly 45 through the center, even with a ruler proved to be tough for me. The tutorial is here if you want to make this block for yourself.

Next up is the Stash Bee. In this bee we only make blocks from what is in our stash. And like I have mentioned before, I have a large scrap bin to play with. This month we were to make the infamous Pippi Longstocking block. I have seen this little lady all around the blogiverse and she is just so adorable! I decided to make a dent in my greens for her border and add a contrasting pop of color with her pink dress! The tutorial is here to learn how to make your own.

Next up: do. Good. stitches. We went rogue this month and were able to do any two blocks we wanted that coordinated with the color scheme, which was based off the backing fabric. Brown, blue, red, orange, green, fallish colors. I started with my first block and didn\’t put the red in and I\’m not sure if I like it or not.
It has all the colors except for the red, but I\’m not sure if the orange is too prominent or not. I posted it in the group and asked for opinions. I didn\’t get any back, and from my experience, because us quilty people live the saying, \”if you can\’t say anything nice, just don\’t say anything at all,\” I think it\’s not a favorite. Any other month I would have remade it but unless it can wait until end of March after the moving craziness is over then it will just have to do.
My second block fits much better I think, even though I think I should have used a different color background. Too much white. I just failed this month on this bee. I don\’t know what got into me, maybe I don\’t like being let loose and not told what to do, maybe my color brain is off kilter, I have no clue. Hopefully it\’s better next month because I feel bad that these aren\’t as cute as everyone else\’s…
Next is Mo Stash where we again were given free reign and again my creative bug got squished. I was limited by the colors, e request was teal and orange and I have VERY LITTLE teal. That\’s my fault. I needed something I could do with strips since that\’s all I had. These are the blocks I came up with:
I like these but now I know that I need to stock up on teal!!!
Finally, my Simply Solids block was super quick and easy. I love this color combo, it reminds me of strawberry lemonade!
I had some wins and some fails. Probably not truly fails, but certainly not home runs. Hopefully after the move my brain will get back into its creative state and I will be back to normal.
Happy quilting!


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